Proverbs day 7…”Tell the truth (aka no lying!)” …considering Prov. 12:17-28

We gathered.  As we do — in many ways the Church is those who gather and who are sent.  And if you think about it, that is especially what we have been doing with each of our Adult Studies, we have gathered, looking into Scripture to hear what God is inviting us (instructing us) to do, and we have left the physical building with “homework” (lifework) to live out what we read, to live out our faith.

As we gathered last week, I was unsure what the feedback would be.  An assignment to bless the community can sound like a big ask.  And yet, as we opened up after prayer, during our “check-in,” people named the little things, the everyday things, the taking time to read someone’s name & use it when they are checking out, taking the time to smile, to see people & to hopefully make the day better, easier, or lighter in some way.  And as people named the ways that they bless it opened others to see how they might be blessing the community too.  Now — there was mention of blessing the community through the offering of hospitality and also we named the challenge of when we  seek to “bless” and it is not received as a blessing (we did not dwell long on this — which is a worthy topic of its own!)

Being one who can think in the extravagant way it was encouraging to hear how so many could identify how daily they (we) bless our community.

And then we turned to scripture — specifically to Proverbs 12:17-28.  And we discussed.  Some voiced that these Proverbs can be a best case scenario (for example, that “no ill befalls the righteous” see Proverbs 12:21a.  While others named that these Proverbs also ask us to think differently, as in if we have been reconciled to God (through Christ) then what possible ill could befall us?  (In other words, if God is for us who (or what) can be against us?)

The conversation engaged some other scriptures and perhaps in some ways became more philosophical in nature as we considered the tongue of the wise bringing healing and those who plan for peace have joy.  However, the homework for this week was “simple.”  Based on more than one of the scriptures but we’ll highlight Proverbs 12:22

Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD, but those who act faithfully are his delight.

our homework is to not lie.  To tell the truth.  But the homework specifically is to not lie.  In a society where lies seem to be a way of life, this might be challenging.  Or it might not.  Someone had shared how they instructed their children to always tell the truth!  (Older children said thank you — it makes life easier!)  For those who find the invitation “easy” let us also consider not lying to ourselves.

Looking forward to being gathered together on Sunday (@10AM)!

Until then — may we be encouraged in & delighted by Christ!

~ Rev. Sabrina Slater 


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