Past the Pulpit & Around Town (thinking about The Sound of Music)

This week (March 16, 17 & yes today too the 18th) the Spencer-Van Etten High School proudly presented “The Sound of Music.”  Thanks to the reminder especially during weekly church announcements as well as around town I was able to make it out on opening night.  While there was the added treat of getting to watch this production with folks who make me smile and feel welcome — it was by far the superb production in its totality that stole the show.

The props were perfect, the painted mountains were a spot on depiction, the singing was delightful, the pit orchestra was sublime, the casting — including of course all those volunteers behind the scenes making make-up, costumes, lighting, stage switches, and practicing at home too — could not have been better.  Every single person who made “The Sound of Music” possible this weekend, brought the show to life.

I am grateful for the opportunity to absolutely enjoy the gifts of so many people.  And I hope to meet and learn more about each and every person involved — because I get excited when I recognize the names — when I get to see people sharing their gifts with the world.  And while I might be biased (I mean I am a Pastor!) the themes of identity, the uncertainties of love, seeking God’s desire and will for your life, and standing up for what you believe (sometimes at great personal cost), are timeless — they are some of the questions often engaged in a church service.

And as I sat back and enjoyed the story, beaming as though all those performing were my family — knowing we are part of the same community — I was moved by the sincerity of faith each character had.  I was moved by the difference each individual voice in the musical had.  I was moved by the wisdom offered by Mother Abbess in her encouragement of (instead of fear of!) Maria’s voice, in her encouragement for Maria to not hide from love or from God (even when scary), and to invite us all to “Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow – ’til you find your dream.”

I was moved because in a place outside of the institutional church “The Sound of Music” took us all to church in speaking to the liberative and saving power of love and inviting us to watch as one young woman seeking to love and serve God with all of who she is found that indeed the gifts God had given her (her spirit — her voice — her love of children) while not the ideal fit in the abbey where she thought she could best serve God — were perfect for where God was leading her to live, love, and thrive!

May each of us in the gift that we know as our own lives — follow the spiritual guidance of those nuns, and “climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow – ’til you find your dream,” realizing that the way is not easy but the rainbows we follow are some of the signs of the promises of God — and even in the storm(s) of life, God has always planned for the rainbow to come!

As the show comes to a close…it’s technically too late say “break a leg” — so instead blessings to all who made this possible & thank you for sharing your gifts with us all.  I can’t wait for the next one!

Blessings ~
Rev. Sabrina Slater 

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