Reading through Proverbs…(still living in peace & harmony)

Greetings y’all.  Last Sunday we gathered in our typical fashion, and opened in prayer.  BUT we had a different day — we have a guest speaker & we had some of our sisters and brothers from N. Spencer gathered around the table with us.

And instead of checking-in with our homework we had the opportunity to slow down and read through (most of) the Sermon on the Mount (See Matthew 5-7) taking note of the fact that this was written/directed to the Pharisees, and trying to understand a bit more of the Jewish context that it comes out of.  It was a nice time of seeking to hear what Jesus was emphasizing to a group of people (the Pharisees) who in their desire to seek after God had made even more rules (traditions) to follow — something that we still often are doing (even with the best of intentions).  And I found it a special treat to slow down a bit and consider the beatitudes, slowing a bit on the words like meek and merciful and considering what it means to hunger and thirst for righteousness (coming to the point of realization that righteousness is God!).

So we had a blessed time in a different manner of study of the scriptures together.  Then, before we closed in prayer we reminded ourselves of our on-going homework: living in harmony with each other & being at peace, as much as it is in our control, with others.

And a 2ndary homework assignment was given too: Read 1 Proverb/day.  The month of October (which began on Monday!) has 31 days.  The book of Proverbs has 31 chapters.  We will be letting scripture speak to us and shape us but being in this one book daily, leaning into the invitation to read 1 chapter/day and knowing which chapter is assigned based on the date!

So blessed peace-making & reading!

In Christ ~
Rev. Sabrina Slater  

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