Proverbs (week 3_seeking wisdom)

We gathered round the table yesterday. In fairly typical fashion there was laughter and smiles to share as we gathered. After opening in prayer we took a moment to introduce ourselves, noting that assuredly others would join as our time continued (they did 🙂 ).

Before jumping into our check-in I did apologize for the lack of blog during the prior week — but named that everyone did know what the homework was so it should be alright. And while folks mentioned missing the blog (y’all are so kind!) indeed we were able to check-in with notes and insights from the Proverbs we had spent some time with over the week (14-19 specifically).

It was noticed by more than one person, that essentially the same things (proverbs/insights/wisdom) are being offered again and again and again…one reflection was that this is a good teaching tool and it was appreciated because we don’t always remember nor get it right (even if we do remember!); while another found it annoying. This opened the space to whom Proverbs was written to (original context), likely wealthy youth, perhaps those who likely would be in leadership (noble) positions, making repetitious teaching on wisdom rather important especially considering their decisions and access to resources would make a difference in the lives of others in their context.

Our time was spent with talk of perspectives and context. Noticing an emphasis on management of finances, and also naming a desire that Proverbs might also speak to other sorts of wealth. Some of the beauty of reading Proverbs together in this way is that it allows for so much to be considered; even with the repetition in the text it does not mean each of us will hear the same invitation from the Holy Spirit. And yes, prayerfully we continue seeking greater understanding, seeking God’s wisdom, seeking more of God — through our going (daily) to hear what God is speaking to us. And so we continue, this coming Sunday we will again gather round — and we will bring what has been highlighted through the week for all to consider — and together we will try to hear the word that God is speaking to us (today). So y’all, be encouraged & yes, the homework remains reading 1 Proverb/day.

In Christ ~
Rev. Sabrina Slater