Wrapping up wisdom (clearly…)

So yesterday we gathered round the table. It was a bit cooler (temperatures did drop!) and lighter with the “fall back.” The coffee was brewing and we opened in prayer.

Then we started talking…we checked in one more time with Proverbs. Some liked chapters 30 & 31, noting that these 2 are not necessarily attributed to Solomon. We laughed a bit over whether we liked or disliked these proverbs (in general)…there was comment from a spouse that the person is a bit argumentative — thus not always so much enjoying the tone of proverbs. Another among us names not knowing quite what the author is saying — so seeking understanding (not a matter necessarily of not liking what’s being said).

And we talked about interpretations — wondering aloud what the proverb was aiming to offer with wisdom, curious if we are the fools (but seriously, those with a lack of wisdom when we really are trying though!)? At least one element highlighted with this was an emphasis on the proper order of things (in the world) and when something is out of order it just seems amiss (or as the author states, something that causes the earth to tremble under).

Much was named, verses that spoke to us for various reasons. A mention of Proverbs 31 and the high regard of the woman (wife of noble character) — we didn’t actually spend time here — though it is one worth spending time in and discussing — there was mention of how starkly contrasting she seems to be with the feminine personification of folly throughout the book…there also was an appreciation of how the author states essentially (he’s) too stupid to be a man (person). Caused some chuckles definitely! And we took most of our time talking about the wisdom of Proverbs 31:4-7; discussing the use of alcohol and realities of life. This is an important conversation, one with different thoughts, opinions and realities. We touched briefly alcoholism, trauma (often unaddressed) and how we have seen alcohol (as well as opioids) used to cope and numb the feeling of pain…this led too into a conversation centering around pain and it’s necessity. We did not exhaust the conversation, we did not go to the depths that we could have…and likely this will be an important conversation to visit again. And yet, it was beautiful to hear someone observe how often the conversation around this is often judgmental — and our call is one of love — there is more so much more that can be said here but we will leave it for now.

Y’all — we made it through Proverbs in October for the 2nd year in a row…and it was a blessing (I think at least — I know I was blessed). Next weekend — as a reminder — there will be no Adult Study on Sunday! If you gather — chat, pray — enjoy each other’s company….but there’s no homework to guide you in the week. (You know other than listening and looking for God & loving each other!)

In Christ ~
Rev. Sabrina Slater