We had a day off! :)

We had a day off. Last Sunday y’all gathered for worship but there wasn’t homework/lifework to check in with each other about and there wasn’t homework for this last week either (except of course to be listening for God, to be kind to each other…you know the regular “lifework” that is living out our faith — that is just something that we strive to do with God’s grace).

So no homework. And Sunday is coming in just a few days. So…what to expect. This coming Sunday (yes, Sunday Nov. 17th) — we will gather. I guess I should say, I’m showing up & prayerfully I bet many of y’all will too. But we’ll gather at our time (10AM). The coffee will most likely be hot, the chairs will be out and we will share laughs I imagine before we open in prayer.

But then what? I’m planning on us hearing scripture that has become familiar this year (be still…) and then for some extended silence together. AND after that extended silence, I would LOVE for us to share what is on our heart — perhaps something the Holy Spirit spoke loudly as we were still — BUT ALSO MAYBE some will feel led to share some on the “star” word that they received this year (on Epiphany Sunday). How has God been speaking to you though that word. Maybe some of y’all forgot the word — but I know (with confidence) — that at least some of y’all have not forgotten it. So how has God been speaking to you this year through the word?

This is the plan for this coming Sunday @ 10AM y’all…cannot wait to join with you around the table — there’s wisdom & love to be found — esp. on our good days — and worthwhile conversation always.

In Christ ~
Rev. Sabrina Slater